Tally Based VM

Tally Based VM

With the efficient features of tally software, Use of modern technology like virtual machines can give you a package of smart solutions. With the use of Tally Based VM you can run your tally from anywhere at anytime from any device using any OS.

We are known as the cloud specialists and we ensure top quality performance of your tally on cloud account. With the help of our Tally Based VM, we manage all your data management with taking utmost security measures. We monitor and analyse VMware platform in regular intervals to make sure that all the virtual machines are working efficiently.

Virtual Machine or Server Based

Tally Testing For Free
Each new client/prospect of Webtally can test the virtual Tally server for free, in order to assess the high quality of our services and to make a decision to buy paid Tally on Cloud services. To start the test period, you need to create a call to +91 8010317317 and get access to the VDS / VPS server. For individuals, the duration of the test period is 3 days, for legal – 5 days, but we can increase this period if you need additional time for testing.

The basis of our virtualization platform is reliable and productive equipment from Cisco, Dell, Server Stack and ASUS. Your dedicated Tally VDS / VPS server will be part of a fault-tolerant infrastructure built by our experienced engineers and connected to the Internet with several high-speed communication channels
Monitoring and analysis tools for the VMware platform in real time monitor the status of each of the virtual machines in the cloud TallyStack. If a cluster server fails or stops, the virtual machines will automatically start on the other node with a minimum delay, after which your VDS / VPS will return to the “online” state.
The cloud equipment of Webtally, on which VDS / VPS servers of clients operate, is located in the best data centers of India, we have 3 Data Centers, which meet strict Tier IV standards, and, therefore, provide complete redundancy of climate systems, power installations and communication channels.
Using the program interface REST API, the user is able to automate operations to manage their own cloud infrastructure, including virtual machines, networks and data storage.
Each VPS/VDS server is assigned with a dedicated IP address which allows you to access the server from outside
Every 10 minutes, the billing system polls the user’s rented Webtally VDS / VPS servers and writes off the monthly fee for actually consumed resources. Such a payment system makes hosting flexible and inexpensive, because if VDS / VPS is stopped.